Be Inspired by the World.
Live Artfully at Home.


The world is a canvas for our imagination and
our primary purpose is to create inspiring
living spaces that make people happy.

Our Products and Philosophy

We offer a carefully curated selection of
tiles, terracotta, marble, mosaics and unique interior objects.
With decades of personal experience in private and public projects

for interior and exterior installations, the artistry in our work resides in our approach.

It's a one-on-one service with the goal of creating alluring,
inviting and creative rooms.



"Art is pattern informed by sensibility."
Sir Herbert Read



Our Business and Location

Our showroom in Knokke, Belgium, is a library of ideas and our suppliers
are artisans in the production and creation of their trade. The designers, architects,

and clients that we work with around the world know that the materials we deliver

give a spark to their work that illuminates the beauty of life and
the creation of remarkable living spaces.



"Architecture is to masonry what poetry is to literature."



© 2016 Dominique Desimpel BVBA. 

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