Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Leopold Dewaalplaats, Antwerpen


The Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA) located in Antwerpen is the home for over 7500 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. The museum's masterpieces include works by the Flemish Primitives, Peter Paul Rubens, Rik Wouters and James Ensor among many others. Located directly outside the museum's main entrance is an installation by Spanish artist, Cristina Iglesias, titled, The Deep Fountain.

The Belgian architects, Robberecht and Daem, redesigned the museum

square to offer a sense of peace and silent majesty to visitors as they entered. The eucalyptus leaves represent our professional passion for color and texture. Our company collaborated with the architectural and artistic teams

to deliver these materials for the installation and assist the artist in realizing

her ambitious, beautiful vision. 



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