Interiors include restaurants, cafes, bars, pools and wellness centers.

The beauty of any room is literally built from the ground up. The
possibility for memorable design exists when you are able to add a
touch of desire and romance to any environment. This starts with
flooring and wall surfaces that reveal a passionate attention to detail.


Our company is built on a hard-working business ethic, which values
respect for the material and integrity in all that we do. Customers repond to authentic materials, natural colors and exquisite design. 


We are proud the commercial projects that we've collaborated on,

and adapting the scale of our unique materials to tell a story that
many people can be apart of.



"The most important instrument of thought is the eye."

Benoit Mandelbrot


Our travels throughout the world, from Europe to Asia,

have allowed us to build loyal relationships with artists and artisans.

The practice of producing tiles is a time-honored tradition that relies on the

talented eyes and hands that contribute to its making. Our collaboration with our suppliers

results in products that reflect our taste in colors, textures, designs and finishes.

Dazzling interiors start with sublime details.





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